Additional instructions: If the "End Day" button is still disabled after you've assigned the jobs for the day, there are probably job change requests in the top right corner that also need to be assigned.

Erik Shuttlesworth - Director, Game Designer, Programmer

Lucas Molina - Producer, Artist, Writer, Composer, Programmer, Game Designer

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsLucas Molina, Erik Shuttlesworth
TagsAnimals, Cats, Funny, Godot, papers, Simple


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the end day button isnt working forme. and the personality needle didnt appear when playing the second time.

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If the end day button isn't working, there are probably job change requests in the top right corner that need to be assigned.

The personality needle doesn't appear until Day 2. Did you play that far the 2nd time?

This is very nice game of strategy! However I got stuck after assigning the cadidates to their jobs, I don't know how to move forward to the next scene. There's also a minor bug of soundtrack from first scene not stopping and overlapping with the next soundtrack.

Thanks! There's an 'End Day' button in the bottom right which becomes enabled after you've assigned all candidates (and any extra requests that you might've gotten).

By 'first scene', do you mean the main menu scene, the "day X" transition scene, or the office scene? Thanks!


I managed to find the End Day button, for some reason, it wasn't showing up while using F11 in Firefox (fullscreen). By first scene I meant Day 1, but playing it again this time got no bugs!