This is a quick on-page TTRPG for 1-5 players about revolts in ancient city-states.

Players generate their city-state location and convernment type and decide how many revolts they want to envision. By rolling dices, the outcomes of these revolts are decided, and each player envisions a story based on these outcomes.

By pressing the Run game button on top of this page, a Hi-Res image is showing the one-page  TTRPG containing all the rules. Choose this option if you want to play the game with your computer or mobile device at hand.

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Example Playthrough

Tyranny Government in North Africa - Carthage

Revolt 1: Monarchy

Defeated Partially - The tyrant retains power, but a puppet monarch is installed.

Scene stage: Planning.


Eo, a slave caught in the revolt. Ket, an elite who has a lot to gain.

Ket: "You could gain your freedom from this."

Eo: "And you? Why do this? You already have freedom."

Ket: "Aye, freedom I do have. I do not have a crown."

Result/Reflections: Ket gains his crown, but no power.

and so on...

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorsLucas Molina, Humane Tiger


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